We need you in ONE OR MORE OF our Committees!  Take a look below at our current Committee list and email us where you will best apply your skills, time and effort. There is something for everyone and your participation is key to everything we do.


Legislative Affairs

Ready to ENGAGE?  Indivisible South Florida’s Legislative Affairs Committee's purpose is to identify, research, analyze, track and alert our Indivisible membership to local, state and national legislative initiatives under the Trump agenda that threaten our American values of inclusion, tolerance and fairness.  We will coordinate with Indivisible South Florida’s executive and technical committees and liaise with partner organizations, legislators and staff at the state and national levels to effectively address the following priorities:

  • Affordable Care Act (including Planned Parenthood)
  • Immigration
  • Justice
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Independent investigation of Russian interference with the 2016 election

If you are passionate about these issues and can commit to helping our members  engage in the legislative process, the Legislative Affairs Committee needs YOU! 


We all know the importance of Media in our lives and it is one of the most critically important Committees we have formed. Media allows us to expand our reach in actions we choose to create as we resist this Administration's agenda. Whether it be alerting TV, radio or newspapers of our actions, providing interviews, offering training to our staff to provide outreach to other groups in South Florida, our Media committee will fine-tune our message and train you, and will place this message in the public realm where it can be successfully reached and follow up on our activities with direct feedback to our group following events. Direct outreach in an organized and methodical approach is our goal. Are you a good speaker or have a background in radio, TV, film? We need you! Are you good with Social Media platforms like Twitter/Facebook/Instagram?  Are you a writer? This is the Committee for you!


Without a growing, plugged in and turned on membership, we would not be able to resist this Administration's agenda. Our Membership Committee, which works closely with our Secretary, keeps our membership growing. The more people in our group, the more voice we have to resist. The Membership Committee will work closely with Media to provide outreach to other political, civic and religious groups to offer membership to everyone. We can't plug you in unless we find you or you find us! Those who like to speak about Indivisible South Florida and our goals to other groups are a perfect fit in the Membership Committee. Is data input or research your interest? Contact us about the Membership Committee.


Events are being planned for every day of the week by groups of all kinds. It is most important that we focus on specific events which will help us best resist the current Administration's agenda the best. Whether it be participation in the Women's March, the Tax March, the Science March, LGBT Pride, a Congressional Town Hall or something else, our Events team will plan our participation well into the future. It's a marathon, not a sprint, and our Events Committee needs you to help decide the direction we take in the coming days.


Good education is our Country's future. So many changes are being proposed which would put our future leaders on a failing course. Taking away funds from public schools to give wealthy kids vouchers would rob our already broken down school systems of much needed money that could otherwise be put to use making our education system the best in the world. Two words: Betsy DeVos. Are you a educator? Do you wish to participate in actions that will keep our education system from being robbed by this current Administration? Do you believe in lower tuition for our public colleges and universities and loan forgiveness for the millions of Americans wrapped in school loan debt? The Education Committee will focus on these and other issues which must be addressed. Put an apple on your desk and drop us an email to join.


The importance of clean air, limited and no off shore oil drilling, pipelines across the Everglades, pollution of our streams and clean water should be a universal thought. Not in THIS current Administration, because they are cutting back restrictions and increasing drilling and pollution everywhere. Does Global Warming make you hot? Are you sick of the fracking and drilling in our most sacred parts of the Country? We need you to help us protect the Environment by being on our Environmental Committee. Green isn't just the color of money.

To join or inquire about any of the above
Indivisible South Florida Committees,
call or email us now!


936-INDV-SFL (463-8735)