Sixty-Five Million Snowflakes by Jon VanZile for

Sixty-Five Million Snowflakes by Jon VanZile for

I attended a meeting of our local Indivisible group yesterday not knowing what to expect. Maybe 50 people would show. Maybe 100. On the best of days, it’s tough to get people out of their houses on a Sunday afternoon. But as soon as a friend and I turned onto the street where the meeting would be held, it was obvious I’d dramatically underestimated what was happening. 

Constituents Town Hall for Sen. Rubio

Constituents Town Hall for Sen. Rubio

 Indivisible South Florida will be joining as cosponsor of an upcoming Constituents Town Hall for Sen. Marco Rubio to be held Thursday, February 23, 2017 from 6:00 PM–9:00 PM at the Universalist Unitarian Church, 7701 SW 76thAvenue, Miami, 33143.

The event, created by Indivisible Miami, is also co-sponsored by the Women’s March of Miami and South
Florida Against the Insanity Action Group.

Indivisible South Florida Press Release 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Travel Ban 020917


Indivisible South Florida Supports U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Decision to Refuse to Reinstate the Muslim Ban

February 9 2017 9:20 pm Fort Lauderdale, FL — This evening, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a unanimous decision concerning an emergency request to lift a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) preventing a moratorium on immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries. The ruling which declines to reinstate the travel ban is the result of arguments presented this week by the Justice Department, which challenged the TRO, and by Washington State and others who argued against lifting the TRO.

The decision to deny reinstating the travel ban indicates the Court’s understanding of the intent of trump’s Executive Order: an order Indivisible South Florida interprets as an unconstitutional religious test for immigration and visitation into the US. 

Indivisible South Florida agrees with the Appeals Court ruling this evening.

● It is no surprise that the trump Administration would attempt to violate our Constitution by imposing a ban on people of a particular religion as candidate trump has maintained this position since the infancy of his campaign.

● We fully believe, as does the Federal Appeals Court, that the Administration has violated an important part of our Constitution by using a religious test to ban refugees and immigrants from countries which are predominantly Muslim. trump articulated his intent during the campaign and over these past many months by pointedly suggesting “a Muslim ban” in many of his speeches. he and his Administration made no attempt to correct this position during subsequent interviews.

● Globally, 1.5 BILLION people are practicing Muslims. They are NOT all terrorists. Just as we do not call anti-choice women’s clinic bombers “Radical Christian Terrorists,” so as not to demonize Christians everywhere, we should not demonize all Muslims as “Radical Muslim Terrorists.”

● Our Courts were and are intended to serve as a check and balance to prevent overreach by our Executive and Legislative Branches of Government. Further, the Courts are a line of defense that may halt any wrongful and damaging REPEAT of HISTORY to ban peoples of a particular religion or race from entering our Country. It is unacceptable to return to the mistakes of World War II and the Japanese Internment Camps which detained US citizens because they were of Japanese descent.

● Muslims around the United States are anxious and have been harmed and discriminated against. This Administration’s willingness to demonize their very existence is UNACCEPTABLE.

● We applaud the Appeals Court decision to KEEP AMERICA GREAT as it already is and to PROTECT the Constitution when this Administration attempts to defile it.

● As this case moves to the Supreme Court, Indivisible South Florida will closely follow and report on its track. We will work to insure the civil liberties and safety of every law-abiding Muslim American or visitor.

● Our group understands, supports and will continue to work towards our founding fathers’ understanding and goals for SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, beginning with Freedom of Religion for all. 

About Indivisible South Florida

The Indivisible movement was created to promote a progressive and inclusive agenda, which seeks to impede the trump Administration and other ultra-right politicians, whose own values turn back our country’s advancements achieved during the past five decades. We dedicate and donate our time, our combined efforts, our experience and our desire to maintain elected Representative vigilance including support for candidates who align with Indivisible values in local, state, midterm and Presidential elections.

Using the Indivisible Guide as a model, we seek to “plug in” South Florida activists from all walks of life, “turn on” their passion to fight for that in which we believe, and “stay lit” beyond the days of our chapter’s birth in order that we may be a major force within our community to keep America and South Florida as great as it already is today and improve upon that which makes us great.




Shane-Rogers Mauro
Indivisible South Florida
(954) 980-9589

How to Get Through to Your Member of Congress

It’s a tough to get through to your representatives right now. Their offices are slammed and phones are ringing off the hook. How can you, the concerned citizen, get your message through? We talked to some staffers to find out. 

The two senators from your state and the House representative from your district work for you. You can help them understand what issues matter to you, and why you would like them to vote yes or no on a certain bill that’s coming up.